With Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters this weekend, you should relive this silly Saturday Night Live sketch from 2009 starring Kristen Wiig as Belle and Gerard Butler as The Beast.

“They say true love can break the curse, and I can’t imagine a love more true than this,” Kristen says as Belle.

“Oh darling, I can hardly wait for your transformation,” Gerard says as The Beast.

“What do you mean, my transformation,” she questions.

“You know, the curse will be broken. And you can stop being a beast,” he says.

“You think I’m the beast!,” she says, shocked!

Gerard‘s Beast later goes on to say that Kristen‘s Belle is a “six” and he prefers a woman with “a big ass.”

Bill Hader plays Lumiere, Bobby Moynihan plays Cogworth, and Jenny Slate plays Mrs. Potts.

“If you see the 2017 version of #BeautyAndTheBeast, make sure you also catch the 2009 one starring Kristen Wiig and me,” Gerard posted on Instagram today to re-promote the clip.


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