PNB Stock Price is near 52 weeks low and as an investor, i might think that it is the best price point to invest in the stock. Normally, the stocks that are badly beaten especially Nifty 50 stocks may provide a multibagger opportunity. It might not be true always because no one knows the floor or bottom of the stocks. 

When the sentiments are positive or negative, the technical analysis stops working and experts who are giving targets are giving on what basis is not clear to me as an investor. 

In Nov and Dec 2017 the PNB Stock Price was on the rise as it was most bought stocks by the fund houses or mutual funds. It will be interesting to watch whether after PNB scam or fraud is exposed whether these big players will offload their stock or increase their position. In case they sell their stake then the PNB Stock Price will take a further beating. Alternatively, if they increase their position then it will be a bullish sign. Lastly, if NO action is taken then as an investor i will wait for a buy signal in technical analysis. 

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