Android JSON Retrofit Example [Parsing JSON Data from Web] Android Advanced Tutorial #9

In this video I go over JSON data parsing from a website (Reddit) with Retrofit. There is a bit of setup involved but parsing JSON data with Retrofit is very easy once the setup process is complete. We use a GsonConverter from the Retrofit library to help us parse the data. 

➤My Keyboard:
↻ https://goo.gl/1RUqgb

➤My Microphone:
↻ https://goo.gl/mPh3dk

➤Source Code:
↻ https://goo.gl/P2UGsd

➤Building a Reddit App Playlist:
↻ https://goo.gl/v2xFOn

➤Volley, Retrofit, HTTP comparison:
↻ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LcqEf9CSlM

➤Check out our website:
↻ http://www.CodingWithMitch.com 


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