"Attention. This is Kurt from Nirvana. This is the update on Studio Brussel."
"Well, I suppose I should say 'Yeah, I'm surprised' but Poison sells 5 million records and they suck - they don't deserve it so I don't really care."
"Yeah, we're music lovers. We're musicians. We like music. We appreciate all different kinds of music as long as it's good - doesn't matter if it's on a major label, doesn't matter if it's a tape that someone made on their home boombox or recorder like this - doesn't matter. And it doesn't even matter even if someone hasn't even recorded something to even have it distributed to anyone. If it's good - it's good. We just like it. So, you know, we'd be just as happy playing in a basement, ya know, though sometimes that's the most appreciative time we have with music is just being together cuz we're good friends and we play music."
"Oh, we're definitely friends. If we weren't friends I wouldn't want to be in this band. I wouldn't want to be in any band if they weren't my friends. We hang out together even when we're not doing anything involving the band. Krist and I have been playing together for about 4 and a half years now with a few different drummers and Dave has been in the band for a year. This is the first time we've ever felt like a very definite unit. The band is finally complete because all the other drummers we had pretty much sucked as far as tempo, ya know, they just.. It's really hard to find a good drummer. I'm really not the type of person who likes to emphasize on musicianship. I really don't care how sloppy a band is but it's really distressing to play in a band when their drummer can't keep time."
"I've been writing songs since I was about 15. Since I first bought my first guitar and Dave and Krist never thought of themselves as song writers. They've never had the feeling to ever want to do that so I became the song writer of the band. But we're collaborating a lot more. I usually come up with a basic idea for a song and then we got into a practice room and play the song over and over and over again until it's finally finished - so it is pretty collective."
"Sometimes we just get drunk, ya know, and we want to have fun and it's really boring to be on tour for 3 months and be in these same kind of hotels and these same backstage areas and playing your show and then just going straight to the hotel afterwards to sleep and then start it all over again. And not eating regularly and driving on a bus for 8 hours a day. It's really boring and so we do everything in our power to keep it exciting and sometimes that involves having a bit too much fun. Every time we've ever destroyed something we've always been in a really happy, joking mood where we're drunk off our asses and then throwing things around and wrestling and having fun, ya know.. I don't give a shit if it's cliche or not or if it's been done by bands before. I think any rock 'n' roll band has those tendencies to do stuff like that just to keep themselves sane. But obviously if you've ever read an English paper you know that they like to exaggerate things and make a big sensational story out of it - so it's not as extreme as everyone thinks."
"Yeah, when we feel like it. That's just fun to do. It's part of the "act". We did it a lot more a few years ago than we have now. We haven't been doing it very much lately because everyone expects it. We usually just play really cheap equipment and a lot of times before a show we're scrambling for guitar parts and gluing things together just to have a guitar for that night and uh, I don't know, it's just...one day a time, sweet jesus."
"We appreciate beauty just as much as we appreciate violence and.. I mean we don't even appreciate violence but.. obviously it's an emotion. It's just another part of emotion. Negative energy. We like to divide those two and mix them up - make a nice salad."
"Half Japanese, Beat Happening, The Raincoats, Young Marble Giants, Shonen Knife, The Melvins, Jesus Lizard. I still think REM are good song writers. I like The Pixies. I like The Breeders a lot." 


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